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Trevor Knesal

I help people sell houses and buy homes.

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Allow me to introduce myself.

I did most of my "growing up" on the “wet side” (West side) of the Cascades in Washington state during the 80’s and 90’s. I made a lot of great friends and memories there. I enjoyed riding my bike, and many of the other opportunities that part of the country has to offer in the way of outdoor adventures. I also enjoyed a lot of the music that came out of that area in those days, and I didn't even mind the rain; for a while anyway…

As I got older and accumulated responsibilities, my schedule became less flexible, and the odds of my free time lining up with breaks in the clouds and from the rain seemed to grow slimmer every day. I used to tell myself that if I liked the trees, I had to be okay with God watering them. That bought me a little more time in the soggy Puget Sound region, but I later came to the conclusion that I really didn't like the trees that much after all.

While still in Washington, I married my best friend, and the woman of my dreams (same person), and we started a family. My wife and I dreamt and prayed for the day when we’d be able to move our family to the Treasure Valley, the place we believed to be the best on earth to raise a family. In April of 2012, those prayers were answered. I accepted a job offer, and with a four year old, two month old twins, a cat, and much more stuff than anyone thought we could possibly fit into our 1,200 square foot home; we were east-bound and down, and on our way to seeing those dreams come true!

Those early years were nuts, and anything but easy, but it became very clear very quickly that the move, and leap of faith was the best thing we could have done for our family. We were fortunate enough to land in a neighborhood where our children can safely walk to an incredible school, play outside (and with lots of friends), and enjoy three different community swimming pools during the Summer (among many other fun activities). We enjoy blue skies, and beautiful sunsets almost every day of the year, and rarely see rain.

The move was such a good thing for my family that I decided to become a real estate agent, so I can take part in helping others make moves, and see their dreams come true. I don’t consider myself a “salesperson”, but rather one who helps people navigate the process of selling a house, and buying a home. I’m not at all pushy, so those who need to be put in a headlock to make a decision will probably want to work with someone else, but those who are just looking for someone who can equip them with information and insights that will enable them to make the most informed real estate sales and / or purchase decisions possible should definitely give me a call!

I’d be both thrilled, and honored to help you or someone you know who is considering the sale of a house and/or the purchase of a home (or any other property, for that matter). Please feel free to call or text me any time at 208.907.5407.



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Trevor Knesal
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